Ways of Working

Ways of Working is a series of articles I wrote in 2005 about the practice of street photography. The pieces are highly subjective, and are the result of much shooting, note taking, and general time wasting. I hope they prove to be of value, however small. Thanks for reading.


1. Get Over It
2. Relax
3. Know Your Gear
4. Repeatability
5. Honesty
6. Masking
7. Study
8. Develop
9. Persist
10. Share

9 thoughts on “Ways of Working”

  1. thanks for the great tutorial, here in NYC you take your life in your hands shooting street corners poplulated by drug dealers and the like, so any tips I can get are very helpful.

  2. Ken,

    when you are about to give it a shot in street corners populated by drug dealers, the first thing that you must do regarding your photography is to get known them well.

    No tricks, tips or philosophical acrobatics.

    Interesting article Michael David Murphy, though I never thought that it could exist a manual for street photography, or photography in general.

    If you like I can try to explain that.


  3. Really found this series thought provoking. I’ve been shooting street on and off for a while myself, but have found it difficult to explain the art and practice to friends. I will be referring them to this writing should they express an interest in trying it for themselves.

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