A few links and resources that I may have skipped over in entries on 2point8.

A great place to start for a definition of street photography is wikipedia. There’s the Streetphoto message board. In-Public is a great resource, with work from UK photographers.

Here’s a text interview with Bruce Gilden, a Real Audio interview at WFMU, and an NPR piece.

Here’s an interview with Garry Winogrand, a pdf interview on 2point8 from a book long out-of-print, a video on 2point8 from a Bill Moyers show called “Creativity”, a Washington Post article about his life and work, a description of a Winogrand workshop, his camera, and an offline video.

Story about the “Heads” lawsuit (a better story about the lawsuit) and an interview with DiCorcia in which he briefly talks about his street work.

Lisette Model
Helen Levitt
Nick Turpin
Sylvia Plachy (with an interview)
Martin Parr
Jeff Mermelstein
Beat Streuli

Other Books:
Tom Wood: Photie Man
Gary Stochl: On City Streets
Gus Powell: In the Company of Strangers

Hamburger Eyes
Street Photography FAQ
Travel Tips on photographing strangers
List of Subway Photo Books