Tony Marciante, Street Photographer

I don’t know Tony Marciante or anything about who he is or where he’s from (I’ll guess NYC), but if his pictures are evidence, he’s been carrying a camera around with him for the last forty years or so. Since November, Tony’s been posting pictures to his flickr stream. Recently, he’s scanned some from a … Continue reading Tony Marciante, Street Photographer

Harry Callahan @ Jackson Fine Art

I saw some familiar Harry Callahan prints today. They were at Jackson Fine Art, a bright and pleasing photography gallery outside Atlanta. The prints looked twice as good as they did at the Callahan exhibit in Tucson last year. They looked so good, they seemed entirely new, actually. Callahan is more well-known for nudes of … Continue reading Harry Callahan @ Jackson Fine Art

Good Writing on Photography (an Appeal)

My first creative efforts were as a writer. Other than 2point8, Unphotographable, and a currently unpublished project, I haven’t written much in the last year. Instead, I’ve been scouring essays, reading biographies, and raiding libraries to find good writing on photography. When I got my MFA (in poetry) a few years ago, I felt (and … Continue reading Good Writing on Photography (an Appeal)

Discussion: Nils Jorgensen

Nils Jorgensen photographs celebrities for a living. When he’s not out photographing the rich and famous, he sizes-up the rest of the world, taking pictures of us as we are, out there, in the streets of London. No tinsel, no light rigs, no limos. Simply, Nils creates some of the best “moment-based” street photography I’ve … Continue reading Discussion: Nils Jorgensen

To Street or Not To Street

I’ve been sporadically keeping track of things on this blog for a year this week. I intend to keep it going (more interviews, more fun!) but I wanted to put a stake in something I’ve been mulling over lately. I’m beginning to think that street photography doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with streets, sidewalks, … Continue reading To Street or Not To Street

Rosalind Solomon (redux)

I’ve never seen a book like Rosalind Solomon’s “Chapalingas“. I’m spending more “getting acquainted” time with it than books I’ve picked-up from Winogrand, Parr, Bresson or Arbus. She’s had shows in the U.S., but she’s had more success abroad. Chapalingas was published by Steidl, in Germany. I keep bringing her up because my sense is … Continue reading Rosalind Solomon (redux)

Big Camera Street Group on Flickr

I’m still unclear about the usefulness of groups on Flickr, but there’s a new one I wanted to highlight called Medium Format Street Photography for those of you who attempt such a thing. Using a med-format camera on the street plays into the previous post about the length of moments. Simply, med-format cameras often require … Continue reading Big Camera Street Group on Flickr

The Phyla of Street Photography

If you spend time studying a particular genre of anything, you start to see the genre’s edges, as well as its internal patterns and repetitions. Groupings. Street photography (of people) has them, and I wanted to sketch out a few examples, list perceived pros and cons, and generally prove how writing something down helps to … Continue reading The Phyla of Street Photography

Discussion: Chuck Patch (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of the interview with Chuck Patch, a street photographer who’s excellent work I came across on Flickr. Part 1’s here. I’d like to thank Chuck for the time and energy he took in crafting his responses. There are more of these interviews/discussions in the works, and hopefully a roundtable at some point. … Continue reading Discussion: Chuck Patch (part 2)

Euro-centric (like everything else)?

Street photography is well-suited to European-style cities where pedestrians rule. So why is it that street photography is primarily thought-of as an American pursuit? Sure, its main practitioners in the 70s were from the States, but they were taking cues from European photographers of the 30s and 40s. Is the fact that street photography is … Continue reading Euro-centric (like everything else)?


A few links and resources that I may have skipped over in entries on 2point8. A great place to start for a definition of street photography is wikipedia. There’s the Streetphoto message board. In-Public is a great resource, with work from UK photographers. Here’s a text interview with Bruce Gilden, a Real Audio interview at … Continue reading Resources