Arbus Archives Going to the Met

Scholars rejoice about A Big Gift for the Met. “Even though he was one of the curators who helped organize “Diane Arbus Revelations,” the traveling exhibition that stopped at the Met in 2005, he said he had not really had the chance to “dig deep” into her archival material, which starts in 1923.” It was … Continue reading Arbus Archives Going to the Met

Amy Arbus – On the Street

More on the street portraits tip, this one from Amy Arbus and her new book “On the Street“. It’s refereshing (though not unusual) to see August Sander’s name come-up in reference to mother/daughter Arbus, via the audio slideshow off this NYTimes article. I like how this photograph of Thomas Jander in 80’s workout gear reminds … Continue reading Amy Arbus – On the Street

Ways of Working #10 (Share)

or “A Lesson In Putting It Out There” I’ve received a bunch of mail over the last year asking when the final installment of “Ways of Working” might appear, and I procrastinated because it seemed like the title, “Share”, said enough. Share your work with others; you might be surprised what happens when it’s out … Continue reading Ways of Working #10 (Share)

Lisette Model and Her Successors @ Aperture

Aperture has updated their site to reflect the upcoming show featuring Lisette Model, Diane Arbus, Bruce Cratsley, Lynn Davis, Elaine Ellman, Larry Fink, Peter Hujar, Raymond Jacobs, Ruth Kaplan, Leon Levinstein, Eva Rubinstein, Rosalind Solomon, and Bruce Weber. The samples on the site look fantastic. If you’re in NYC, you only have to wait until … Continue reading Lisette Model and Her Successors @ Aperture

Waist Level Democracy, a Guide

(This is meant for beginners. For you old hands, spy chicken.) To overgeneralize, there are two sets of variables to consider when shooting on the street. Ask Permission or Shoot Candidly Use a Face Camera or Shoot Prefocused, from “Hip” Asking permission can alter things greatly, but sometimes asking yields fantastic, unpredictable results. And shooting … Continue reading Waist Level Democracy, a Guide

Tony Marciante, Street Photographer

I don’t know Tony Marciante or anything about who he is or where he’s from (I’ll guess NYC), but if his pictures are evidence, he’s been carrying a camera around with him for the last forty years or so. Since November, Tony’s been posting pictures to his flickr stream. Recently, he’s scanned some from a … Continue reading Tony Marciante, Street Photographer

Discussion: Nils Jorgensen

Nils Jorgensen photographs celebrities for a living. When he’s not out photographing the rich and famous, he sizes-up the rest of the world, taking pictures of us as we are, out there, in the streets of London. No tinsel, no light rigs, no limos. Simply, Nils creates some of the best “moment-based” street photography I’ve … Continue reading Discussion: Nils Jorgensen

Four Questions for Rosalind Solomon

When I stumbled across prints of Rosalind Solomon‘s a few months ago, I felt like I was looking at some kind of missing link. Her gallerist leafed through the big prints and I stood there, confused. “Whose pictures are these?” If Solomon’s work is a link, it may between the past (the irony of the … Continue reading Four Questions for Rosalind Solomon

To Street or Not To Street

I’ve been sporadically keeping track of things on this blog for a year this week. I intend to keep it going (more interviews, more fun!) but I wanted to put a stake in something I’ve been mulling over lately. I’m beginning to think that street photography doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with streets, sidewalks, … Continue reading To Street or Not To Street

Rosalind Solomon (redux)

I’ve never seen a book like Rosalind Solomon’s “Chapalingas“. I’m spending more “getting acquainted” time with it than books I’ve picked-up from Winogrand, Parr, Bresson or Arbus. She’s had shows in the U.S., but she’s had more success abroad. Chapalingas was published by Steidl, in Germany. I keep bringing her up because my sense is … Continue reading Rosalind Solomon (redux)

Fur Media Blitz Commences

Patricia Bosworth follows-up on her Arbus biography with this article (not available online) in the August Vanity Fair. Photo of an in-character Kidman by Mary Ellen Mark. Expect young women with Rolleiflexes to be all over Coney Island next summer, following in Nicole’s footsteps… It’s amusing how biopics of artists generally supplant all previous histories … Continue reading Fur Media Blitz Commences

Big Camera Street Group on Flickr

I’m still unclear about the usefulness of groups on Flickr, but there’s a new one I wanted to highlight called Medium Format Street Photography for those of you who attempt such a thing. Using a med-format camera on the street plays into the previous post about the length of moments. Simply, med-format cameras often require … Continue reading Big Camera Street Group on Flickr

“Overlooking / Underseeing”

A few weeks ago, I saw the keynote lecture of a seminar where Peter Schjeldahl told an old-world crowd of darkroom photographers /archivists /collectors that digital was here to stay because “it’s human nature — we’ll take the easy way.” It was one of many gems he dropped in a rambling address that staked claims … Continue reading “Overlooking / Underseeing”


I’ve probably covered this in Ways of Working, but this weekend I was reminded of another approach to street photography. Focus; and I’m not talking about your camera. One of the overwhelming things when starting to photograph on the street is the immensity of it all. How do you know when and where to stop … Continue reading Focus

Geoff Dyer’s “The Ongoing Moment”

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Geoff Dyer’s new book “The Ongoing Moment“. So anxiously that I forgot the release date. Anyway, it’s on the shelves, and it’s worth picking-up in hardback if you like to read and think about photography. I read the first chapter on the train this morning and wanted to … Continue reading Geoff Dyer’s “The Ongoing Moment”

Ways of Working #6 (Masking)

You’re chicken. You’re frightened by the thought of having to ask strangers on the street for permission to take their photograph. Or asking just doesn’t fit your style. Perhaps your prefer candids, free of the recognition that the subject’s been caught by a camera lens. There are plenty of techniques for masking your intentions while … Continue reading Ways of Working #6 (Masking)