Same Same, But Different #5

Tosh Matsumoto, up top, and Garry Winogrand, below. Interestingly, I think both pictures were taken around the same time, meaning, maybe the same decade. Matsumoto is part of the “Photographers of Japanese Descent” show at Howard Greenberg in NYC, which opens on March 14th. I’d link to the relevant info on their site, but the Greenberg site is engineered as a pop-up, boo-hoo.

Broken Hotel Window Towel Head Telephone Call

Another Same Same, But Different, following our city’s visit by a twister this weekend. Top photo from Chris Stanfield of the AJC, the bottom, from Erik S. Lesser & the New York Times.

2point8 homebase is fine, though not far from the twister’s path. We watched the incredible lightning storm that preceded it, but were fairly oblivious of its passing. Downtown, Vine City and Cabbagetown are still a bit upside-down.