Rogue Script & Songs About Pictures

Wonky behavior on this site in the last five days. Apologies. Someone in Russia uploaded three scripts (three versions of the same script) via a WordPress security hole and wrecked a little havoc.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to while issuing mysql commands and upgrading:

Songs About Pictures, on

12 songs, 41:30 minutes

Flatt & Scruggs – A Picture Of Bonnie
Cure – Pictures Of You
Elliott Smith – Pictures Of Me
Mojave 3 – Pictures
Richard Buckner – ‘Lil Wallet Picture
Jets To Brazil – Empty Picture Frame
Willie Nelson – Picture In A Frame
Tex Ritter – I’ll Just Kiss Your Picture Goodnight
Jim Croce – Photographs and Memories
Death Cab For Cutie – Pictures In An Exhibition
Kool Keith – Profesional Photographer
The Jerky Boys – Sol’s Naked Photo

2point8 version 2.8

There’s nothing more self-centered than a blog post about one’s blog, but here it is:

The world may not need another online photo magazine, but I’m considering turning this space into something more polished and focused – a little less bloggy – a space for great streetish photography with a critical, editorial vision.

If you’re a designer and are interested in helping me turn 2point8 into a curated, dynamic resource for great photography that has at least half a leg on the street, please get in touch. An online street photography quarterly, let’s say, with lots of pictures that weren’t even taken on the street. And interviews. And reviews. Same same, but different! A redesign, with redirection.

There are a few things I still want to accomplish here, in this old, familiar space (a few more discussions, a few more looks at books) but in large part, because of my relocation to THE AMERICAN SOUTH, I’m having difficulty staying plugged-in to what drove me to start 2point8 in the first place. Plus, my tastes and interests are shifting and evolving.

from Fluffco via Ross Evertson

If you spend time looking at street photography (or ANY kind of photography) online, you soon realize how low the signal-to-noise ratio can be. There’s even a lot of work that’s good ends-up looking the same. I think there’s room for another site that curates great work online (like Blue Eyes, Humble, Making Room) and I’d like to build one. It won’t be built in Flash, though, sorry! There’s a lot of great work out there, and quite a bit of it gets buried by speed, indifference, and all that frenetic mouse clicking.

Mainly, I want to up the quality of content here, which means that posts will be a lot less frequent, before the makeover. I’m working on a bunch of offline writing projects and need to focus on them, in addition to summer photo projects.

Tangentially, I can only watch movies at night, when it’s dark outside. If the sun’s up, I’d rather be outside doing things, riding my bike around, looking at stuff. And there’s always (always?) the day job! Right now there’s a lot of sunlight which means there’s so much to engage with out there, in the big, wide world.

Thanks for your emails, conversations, support, comments, book loans & cupcakes. See you around and in between, and holler if you’re passing through Atlanta. Most important, if you’re a visual designer (and/or programmer) with some free cycles and this project smells good to you, get in touch, won’t ya?

2point8 Linklog

Updated (switched from googlereader output to tumblr): There are plenty of items that come across my screen that I don’t have time (or knowledge or expertise) to write about or post, and often, someone’s already said it better.

To cut down on the interweb reposting echo-chamber, I’m publishing those items as a separate RSS feed, now linked in the sidebar. There’s a a page, if you don’t do feeds.

Google Reader

If you’re really bored and have no interest in photography, there’s always Watch, Whileseated a stripped-down group-edited video blog I’ve been running with some suspect friends of mine. Have a look! At weng weng!

Netvibes Street Photography Page

If you use Netvibes as an RSS aggregator, here’s a page filled with street photography feeds. Photoblogs, photographers, flickr streams, news feeds and such. Freely modifiable, of course. My watchlist needn’t be yours, natch.

Not sure what happens when I update the page (if you’ll get the updates, too) but it seemed like a good thing to distribute/share. Pretty much “street only” with this page. Click the image below to set it up.

Net Vibes Street Photography Page

If you set it up and find it useful, give me a shout.

Busy Not Blogging

Current posting pause due to a full plate:

  • Preparing an installation of Unphotographable for a group show in Los Angeles
  • Printing for a showing of not-so-recent work here in Atlanta
  • Finishing-up photographing a personal project (Marching Band)
  • Completing production of a podcast that will launch in the next week or two
  • A bit of magazine work
  • Finishing-up dummy for self-published photobook project. All of the pictures are film, not digital, and most have not been seen online
  • Coordinating freelance jobs
  • Another writing project on street photography

More soon, when a breather hits. In the meantime, Unphotographable seems to have created its own meme: “This is a picture I did not take

Circling the Wagons

To close out the year, I wanted to say thanks, gather links, and bubble-up a few posts that might have fallen through the cracks of 2006.

From Mark Alor Powell to Alec Soth, I’ve been lucky to have spent time this year talking with my favorite photographers. There will be more of these in 2007. (You know who you are!)

For street photographers who are getting their feet wet, there’s Ways of Working, posts that were the driving force for starting the site. For the curious, there’s the Phyla of Street Photography and Cleverness, the Gold Curse. Two of my favorite commented threads are fairly recent; Stephen Shore on Certainty and Sh*t, and Good Writing on Photography.

I visited the Winogrand archives in Tucson, and I finally got around to talking specifics about No Flash Corner, in case you want to find one of your own in your city. Gus Powell stopped by for a chat. And I wrote two “official” reviews; one for Aperture’s new Martin Parr book, “Mexico“, and the other for powerHouse’s release of Boogie’s “It’s All Good“.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for visiting, commenting, and especially the personal emails. When I started 2point8, I was spending all of my free time (and more!) photographing the streets of San Francisco. I didn’t know anyone in the city who was pursuing (candid/peopled) street photography with similar enthusiasm, so I started 2point8 to reach out with questions and the occasional answer. I’ve recently relocated to Atlanta, which is not as practical a city for street photography, but I intend to keep 2point8 going “well” into the future.

I’m looking forward to reviewing more books for 2007 (send me your pre-pub list, publisher!) and interviews. In January, there’ll be two reviews of books that I’m pretty excited about. If you’d like to see more writing on photography, there’s always unphotographable. I take pictures too, and in January will be self-publishing a book of photos like this; images that seem a little too large for the web.


Please sign-up for the whileseated mailing list if you haven’t already, and thanks again for participating and keeping an eye out.

Upcoming Discussions

I’m opening the doors here to include discussions and interviews. First up is Raul Gutierrez, maker of Mexican Pictures. I’ve learned a great deal from looking at Raul’s work. Plus, textually, he’s shown me ways of working when everything’s foreign and remarkable.

My hope is that these discussions show how there are as many approaches to street photography as there are photographers. There are no hard and fast rules. And if you’ve got an eye on the Web and know where to look, you may be able to learn as much here, from current, active photographers, as you might from school, or from an old, dusty book.

I read (in an old, dusty book) where someone said that no one got rich off of street photography. People do it because they’re compelled. Perhaps these discussions can be a resource for those compelled enough to get their feet wet, as well as for those of us who could use a new pair of boots. Stay tuned.


For the last few months I’ve been taking notes on photography. Ways of working. Hints, tips, tricks, and questions, lots of questions.

I made it my goal this year to get better at something I’m bad at; photographing people. I was bad at photographing people because I was scared of doing it. Should I ask permission? Should I not ask? It’s an uncomfortable challenge, and there’s no “right” answer. I’ve been figuring things out by doing, by spending lots of time doing it, by trying variations, and by keeping track of what works (for me) and what doesn’t.

A couple of web posts inspired me to get this down on paper. A few months ago I saw this street photography FAQ and realized that everyone writes their own “rules”. Raul’s “Travel Tips from the Road” urged me to make my own list, so today I’ve begun posting these notes (just noticed tonight that Slower’s begun a similar project) and I’m hoping that they’ll begin to answer questions that have been posed to me in e-mail, in conversation, and on the streets, while photographing.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own way of doing things. There’s no right or wrong, really, if it works for you. That said, on to “Ways of Working” #1.