New Winogrand Restrospective 2013-2015

Fantastic to see this news hit my inbox yesterday, that the first retrospective in nearly 25 years of Garry Winogrand’s work will open at SFMOMA on March 9th, 2013. The exhibition will then travel to DC, NYC, Paris & Madrid. Back when this site was active, there was plenty to say about Winogrand, and it’s … Continue reading New Winogrand Restrospective 2013-2015

Chuck Patch Discovers Winogrand’s 1964 Worlds’ Fair Women at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Thanks to LPV for tweeting how Chuck Patch came across these three women from Winogrand’s 1964 World’s Fair photo a few weeks ago at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts! Chuck’s quote: My understanding (and I was trying not to disrupt the shoot/interview, which I clearly was) is that one of them spotted the picture … Continue reading Chuck Patch Discovers Winogrand’s 1964 Worlds’ Fair Women at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Reconsidering Winogrand

This essay was written for the inaugural issue of PUBLICATION. Thanks to Nick Turpin, Tod Papageorge (Pace/Macgill), Eileen Hale & the Estate of Garry Winogrand (Fraenkel Gallery). There’s inherent risk in doing exactly what you want and doing it well. Garry Winogrand, whose photographic output said both “look at us” and “look at me look … Continue reading Reconsidering Winogrand

New (Another!) Garry Winogrand Video

Yet another Winogrand video, recently posted (15 views), and this one’s an interview at the New School. The flickr hydra’s digging-up all the good links these days! (And there’s already a transcription, too.) You might enjoy the Joel Meyerowitz or Elliot Erwitt interview as well. [youtube=] More Winogrand & videos on 2point8. Thanks, Matt

McDonough Waits (4WMN) at Ivar’s With Winogrand (mild nsfw)

Discovering that Paul McDonough is having a show @ Sasha Wolf (in NYC, opens Sept. 20th) provided one of those web zingers in which worlds I’d never considered together suddenly slam into each other and form a new whole. Big Bang! Paul McDonough @ Sasha Wolf In the mid-eighties, Paul McDonough was photographing at Ivar’s … Continue reading McDonough Waits (4WMN) at Ivar’s With Winogrand (mild nsfw)

Garry Winogrand Interview

Last night on the porch I read “Monkeys Make the Problem More Difficult: A Collective Interview with Garry Winogrand”. It’s from a book that’s been out of print for twenty-five years. Which means it’s probably a month or so away from landing itself in Google’s library scanning project, so I thought I’d speed things along, … Continue reading Garry Winogrand Interview

Garry Winogrand with Bill Moyers, 1982

Update: Vimeo pulled the video. Here it is from Jim Arnold’s site (download multiple formats). Thanks, Jim! And there’s the transcript, below. Updated, again: Someone uploaded the original post I had here to youtube, so here you go. Part 1: [youtube=] And Part 2: [youtube=] Updated, with Transcript: I saw footage from this in a … Continue reading Garry Winogrand with Bill Moyers, 1982

At Winogrand’s Cape Kennedy

The strangest thing that happened over the holidays was stumbling across an essay I wrote when I was nineteen on Garry Winogrand, titled “Unsettling Exhilaration at Winogrand’s ‘Cape Kennedy’.” (I also found a vintage Pac-Man pin in a drawer with my baseball card collection.) I had a semester of photographic interest in high school, and … Continue reading At Winogrand’s Cape Kennedy

Assorted Notes, Winogrand Archive

Just a few quick notes of interesting (unpublished) things I saw on contact sheets at the Winogrand archives. Sheets 2463-2440: approximately 1,242 frames from one airshow Sheets 2487-2488: great sequence of Muhammad Ali on Hollywood Boulevard, greeting strangers on the street, a young girl grabbing his hand and pulling him around Sheet 2494: 24 exhausting … Continue reading Assorted Notes, Winogrand Archive


There’s a new bi-annual magazine dedicated to street photography, called PUBLICATION. Nick Turpin‘s brainchild, PUBLICATION features unbound photos, essays (and no ads!) and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. I wrote an essay about Garry Winogrand for the 1st issue. It’s not a typical essay, and in actuality it isn’t even … Continue reading PUBLICATION Launches

Street Photography’s Killing Me Softly, With Its Song (Part 1)

In January, I asked David Yee to send me this photo of his, which I’d seen and loved and immediately wanted to write about. I knew it was a kind of skeleton key that could illuminate something that had been bothering me – as both photographer, and writer. It wasn’t immediately clear what I wanted … Continue reading Street Photography’s Killing Me Softly, With Its Song (Part 1)

The Shark

Sad to learn of the passing of John Swarkowski today, over pints in London with Hin Chua. I’m already missing my favorite writer on photography. If there’s anything that photography needs, it’s more people who can write with the passion, care and insight about the worlds found in photos that Swarkowski brought to his essays, … Continue reading The Shark

Ways of Working #10 (Share)

or “A Lesson In Putting It Out There” I’ve received a bunch of mail over the last year asking when the final installment of “Ways of Working” might appear, and I procrastinated because it seemed like the title, “Share”, said enough. Share your work with others; you might be surprised what happens when it’s out … Continue reading Ways of Working #10 (Share)

Conceptual Street Photography

This could easily become another blog post about Jeff Wall, but I want to resist, for the children’s sake… Seriously, the thing I found most surprising about the NYTIMESMAG piece was how many times Wall mentioned Winogrand. (Two of four, total.) In hindsight, the connection’s clear – Wall’s as precise as Winogrand was intuitive, and … Continue reading Conceptual Street Photography

Comments, Kalvar, PDFs, Peters, Koudelka-tube

A quick post with links and items that have bubbled-up in email or here in the comments on 2point8 over the last few days. Richard Kalvar says there’s a forthcoming book (in the UK and US) and exhibition of his work, following on the heels of what’s currently showing in Paris. I look forward to … Continue reading Comments, Kalvar, PDFs, Peters, Koudelka-tube