Joel Meyerowitz Interview (Part 1)

This interview is being presented in two places. An abridged version with an audio excerpt can be found on the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Blog. I’m presenting a complete, unabridged version here, as the conversation was wide-ranging, lengthy, and covered topics of interest to the 2point8 readership. Many thanks again to Joel Meyerowitz for his graciousness … Continue reading Joel Meyerowitz Interview (Part 1)

McDonough Waits (4WMN) at Ivar’s With Winogrand (mild nsfw)

Discovering that Paul McDonough is having a show @ Sasha Wolf (in NYC, opens Sept. 20th) provided one of those web zingers in which worlds I’d never considered together suddenly slam into each other and form a new whole. Big Bang! Paul McDonough @ Sasha Wolf In the mid-eighties, Paul McDonough was photographing at Ivar’s … Continue reading McDonough Waits (4WMN) at Ivar’s With Winogrand (mild nsfw)

The Shark

Sad to learn of the passing of John Swarkowski today, over pints in London with Hin Chua. I’m already missing my favorite writer on photography. If there’s anything that photography needs, it’s more people who can write with the passion, care and insight about the worlds found in photos that Swarkowski brought to his essays, … Continue reading The Shark

Garry Winogrand with Bill Moyers, 1982

Update: Vimeo pulled the video. Here it is from Jim Arnold’s site (download multiple formats). Thanks, Jim! And there’s the transcript, below. Updated, again: Someone uploaded the original post I had here to youtube, so here you go. Part 1: [youtube=] And Part 2: [youtube=] Updated, with Transcript: I saw footage from this in a … Continue reading Garry Winogrand with Bill Moyers, 1982

Good Writing on Photography (an Appeal)

My first creative efforts were as a writer. Other than 2point8, Unphotographable, and a currently unpublished project, I haven’t written much in the last year. Instead, I’ve been scouring essays, reading biographies, and raiding libraries to find good writing on photography. When I got my MFA (in poetry) a few years ago, I felt (and … Continue reading Good Writing on Photography (an Appeal)