Henri Cartier Bresson: Ballerina & Genius of Photography

The best show on television that’s not available in the United States stepped it up (literally) in Episode 3, touching on Henri Cartier Bresson and the genesis of the art of street photography. Best was the vintage footage of HCB photographing a couple on the street, while demonstrating this little leg kick, timed to the … Continue reading Henri Cartier Bresson: Ballerina & Genius of Photography

Genius of Photography & Rephotographing

It’s tough not to get excited about a television show that begins like this: “This is Meudon, a quiet Paris suburb, apart from the rumble of the occasional high speed train. In 1928, at roughly the mid-point between the invention of photography and our own digital age, Andre Kertesz, one of the great photographers of … Continue reading Genius of Photography & Rephotographing

BBC Genius of Photography

I’d be interested in seeing this BBC Genius of Photography series which has just debuted. Holler if any of you see torrents available: Lots of the segments look promising. I’m always eager to learn more about Tony Ray Jones & Richard Billingham. In other news, I’ll read a crotchety, opinionated blogger any day, especially in … Continue reading BBC Genius of Photography

Reconsidering Winogrand

This essay was written for the inaugural issue of PUBLICATION. Thanks to Nick Turpin, Tod Papageorge (Pace/Macgill), Eileen Hale & the Estate of Garry Winogrand (Fraenkel Gallery). There’s inherent risk in doing exactly what you want and doing it well. Garry Winogrand, whose photographic output said both “look at us” and “look at me look … Continue reading Reconsidering Winogrand

Go Start This New Global Photoblog, Okay?

Hey, can someone please start a photoblog that’s about rephotographing, on a global scale? Something that takes a look at familiar and famous photographs, and accounts how they’ve been rephotographed, since? It’d be an easy enough task, on tumblr or wordpress. I’ve seen quite a few posts over the years around the topic, and shoot, … Continue reading Go Start This New Global Photoblog, Okay?

Civil Rights, Road to Freedom, The Race Beat, Barack Obama & Moving It Forward

In response to the 40th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, there’s been a lot of great programming in Atlanta this spring/summer that revisits the Civil Rights movement. Which is fortunate for me, because the more I learn, the more I’m interested in this region’s history, and it’s all proving to be a pretty incredible experience. The … Continue reading Civil Rights, Road to Freedom, The Race Beat, Barack Obama & Moving It Forward

Slideshow Perfection = Chopped Liver

I don’t know much about Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. (They edited COLORS.) I saw them make a brief appearance in “Genius of Photography“, so I checked-out their pictures and soon moved to something else. Their latest work, “FIG“, stopped me in my tracks. It’s a slideshow, of sorts, that can be viewed in its … Continue reading Slideshow Perfection = Chopped Liver