7 thoughts on “Winogrand/Papageorge MIT Transcription”

  1. This part, around 34 minutes in:

    “If you know the ? for instance, the cover of her book… The point of contention is you know, the form is on the verge of overwhelming the content. It does it. A problem is stated, a sever one. But what separates that photograph let’s say from other photographs? That’s the point of contention there. Because, what did I say? There’s only boredom without contention. It’s gotta be there. Am I making any sense?”

    I believe he references Diane Arbus. That would then be “Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967”.

  2. Great transcript. Thanks for sharing. It’s a credit to his legacy that we’re still puzzling over Zenmaster Garry’s ideas 25 years after his death.

  3. This interview is on my iPod and it comes on every once in a while when I’m in my darkroom. I usually listen to it when it comes up on shuffle. Thanks for transcribing it here. I’m not sure you can really caputre the background noise and chuckles on paper though. One of the great interviews. Thanks again!

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