Winogrand in Vogue? (and the MIT mp3)

Tod Papageorge knows how to get out the word. Here’s Winogrand at MIT in 1974, with a link to download a friendly mp3.

Big ups to anyone who wants to transcribe this so it’ll be available textually, too. Or is that on my plate?

The real question this morning is What The Heck is in Grace Coddington’s office at Vogue, as seen in The September Issue. Did Vogue recreate Winogrand’s Central Park chimp shot? Was it ever published? Which of you fashionistas has the goods? Share, please.

Grace Coddington's Winogrand Remake for Vogue?

More Winogrand on 2point8.

3 thoughts on “Winogrand in Vogue? (and the MIT mp3)”

  1. thanks for posting Michael – great quote at the beginning about Winogrands pictures “If they appear casual, it is because they were meant to. Their mastery resides in just such an appearance.”

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