A long, new interview with Tod Papageorge on foto8:

“We truly live in Plato’s cave now in America, a reflected world of screens and monitors and second- or third-hand experience. At least the crowds filling my pictures from 1970 were out in the world, and, in their fashion, savoring it.”

“I guess the only thing I’d insist on, however, is that I was the first photographer I knew (after maestro Brassaï) to pick up a 6×9 camera and work seriously with it, before it became relatively common to do so.

And an unembeddable video of a recent Papageorge lecture at ICP:

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  1. Josef Koudelka is a friend of mine, and, looking back, I find it interesting that, unknown to each other, we were both using similar wide-angle lenses (his a 25-mm) at roughly the same time. Of course, Robert Frank and, as I mentioned, Winogrand had employed this kind of lens before then, as had William Klein, but none of them, it seems to me, as exclusively as Josef and I did during this brief period.

    Equally important and ground breaking as the 6×9 Brassai connection…

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