Otto Snoek

I was familiar with Otto Snoek’s photography from in-public, but I’d never visited his site until this evening. The best of his work reminds me of the best street-inspired photography I’ve ever seen.

from “millionair”

3 thoughts on “Otto Snoek”

  1. Yes! You know, I think he’s actually a brilliant photographer. Well known by Dutch photographers, but must be a hidden gem for you foreigners. Lives in my city (Rotterdam) too, and documented it in a fantasic way. He works with an old 6×7 Mamya, which makes a loud noise (for a camera) when he releases the shutter. Odd.

  2. He actually uses a Fuji 6×9, but yes it does make a loud noise when he releases the shutter, and yes, he is a great photographer.

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