3 thoughts on ““I’m Photographing My Own Curiosity””

  1. Stumbling and fumbling
    with the knobs and curtains
    of our desire. A Meyerowitz
    is seen seeing the yet to be seen.

  2. I have always liked Joel’s pictures, even though living in Arizona for some time now, I find the cultural context in which many of them were made strangely disconnected and of another photographic era. Joel is a New York “dude” and the street photography thing about which he elaborates extensively strikes me as more of a rationalization for what I feel are somewhat mundane images that come across as snapshottish and easy to do, when compared to the effort needed to take a picture of a couple of people south of the border, because lately, they’re scared and insecure. We do not have the luxury of a population density where people steam by like objects that can be photographed as if they pixels on a TV screen. What I’m basically saying is that Joe’s pictures are easy to take, served up on a large plate free of charge. Things are not the same out here.BTW my German is still quite fluent, I could hear the video in 2 languages.

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