Peter Kayafas’ “O Public Road!”

I received this card today announcing the new Purple Martin Press publication of Peter Kayafas‘ photographs of America called “O Public Road”. Some of the work was shown at Sasha Wolf awhile back. More here.

Peter Kayafas - O Public Road!

On the flip-side of the card was notice that the book’s essay was written by Allan Gurganus, who’s not a shabby writer. But even more interesting was that the book comes with a song by Eef Barzelay. I’ve listened to music by Eef’s band Clem Snide over the years, and generally like his sound a good bit — and when looking at the card, and the front picture of an RV parked lakeside, I could imagine how a song from Mr. Barzelay might fit the book.

Peter Kayafas - O Public Road!

Did I tell you how awesome it is that there’s a song (an original one, I hope!) that comes with the book? How excellent is that? (Not just because there’s a song, as a singular, purchasable thing – oh great, I have one more song that I had yesterday – but that a musician has created something to complement (and counterpoint?) some of the ideas represented by the photographs in the book. What a fantastic idea.

Peter Kayafas - O Public Road!
© Peter Kayafas

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