Go Start This New Global Photoblog, Okay?

Hey, can someone please start a photoblog that’s about rephotographing, on a global scale? Something that takes a look at familiar and famous photographs, and accounts how they’ve been rephotographed, since? It’d be an easy enough task, on tumblr or wordpress. I’ve seen quite a few posts over the years around the topic, and shoot, there’s even a Wiki page to get you started!

Blake has a new one of Shore/Ulrich. I saw a few over here awhile ago. There’s a Jeff Wall one, and one of my own from a few years ago of a Shore picture from El Paso, below. There are larger projects, like the Bernice Abbott “New York Changing” project and there’s the Kertesz train that appeared in Genius of Photography.

I haven’t seen a comprehensive, myopically obsessed gathering of these. Anyone willing to bet whether this is being tackled already on flickr? Let us/me know! If you start the thing, please leave a comment so we can keep an eye on what you find.

10 thoughts on “Go Start This New Global Photoblog, Okay?”

  1. You could even start a group blog on Tumblr. Easy enough, that way you can crowdsource the work and try to build it collectively.

    much easier with 15-20 people than just one….

  2. another idea. have a few major cities set up a blog with a few memorable photographs and locations for each. then when other photographers visit, they can go to those spots re-photograph them.

    it’d be interesting to see the process multiplied a few times. and i’m saying this as someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy typology 🙂

  3. go to flickr and search atget groups and photos. There is a group which has people that have gone all around paris and re-photographed spots that Atget photographed. There is even a book out I think so that if you are ever in paris you can visit Atgets photographed spots. With a map and all!

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