MDM on 20×200, So Help Me

I have a new piece available via Jen Bekman’s incomparable 20×200 as of a few minutes ago. It’s affordable, it’s happening, and it’s a great way to help celebrate a new dawn in America.

Super Rally, So Help Me on 20x200

If you’re in Atlanta tonight, come on over to Opal Gallery for a real world celebration. More info on

Be well everyone, and thank you for your support. I’ll return to creating (non MDM-PR) content soon, I swear.

2 thoughts on “MDM on 20×200, So Help Me”

  1. Was wondering about your choice of the words “So help me”. The phrase is not actually part of the presidential oath in the Constitution but is traditionally (since at least FDR) added by presidents as “So help me, God.”

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