mus mus dot org goes global on november 4th

Friends of mine in Switzerland at have launched a global photography project on Tuesday, November 4th. Here’s their call for entries. They’re jurying 25 additional photographers/entries: invites PHOTOGRAPHERS to participate to the project @600 to take place November 4th, 2008 @600 Internet time.

Many photographers from around the world have been invited to make one picture on the same day at the same moment. All these photographs will be joined and archived on the website for a unique document of that special day. We have invited many photographers who have agreed to join us and participate to this project.

We would like to add additional visions through an open call process!

We are happy to announced that two special guests, Michael David Murphy and Jason Fulford will be among the participants in the @600 project.

We have reserved places for twenty-five of the participants to be selected through a juried process. Apply now and submit an email request to participate together with a link to your website or no more than 3 jpg files at 800 pixels larger size and 72 dpi. The submission should be directed to If there are places remaining we will accept submissions of @600 photographs for one week after November 4 that have been made for @600 according to the project parameters. Those images and a weblink and\or CV should be submitted as outlined above.

You will find all necessary information on All photographers who will participate to this experiment will be listed in the mus-mus website.

You will find some info about Internet time here, and a converter here.

We sincerely hope that you like this idea and will be part of this experiment @600 ! For any questions, email us

Ed Note: From what I can tell with that “Internet Time Converter”, “@600” in Internet Time on 11/04/08 is between 8:24:00am and 8:25:26am in the Eastern Time Zone.

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