14 thoughts on “Barack Obama Accepts”

  1. I’ve had my film x-ray scanned at airports many times and I have not yet noticed any degradation. I normally shoot anything from 64-400 though, nothing really high speed.

    I’m looking forward to more of your shots from the convention. It had to be amazing there last night.

  2. I hate x-rays. After 9/11 the x-rays must have gotten stronger, because they affect film regardless of what they tell at the airport. Get a roll of b&w negative. Have it x-rayed. Develop in one tank with a roll that was not x-rayed, hang both rolls side by side. You’ll be shocked.

    I used to buy bulk films in the US and have friends brought them over to Europe. The last 100ft of trix I bought this way was practically unusable. No midtones. Completely flat. When I took this film on plane, it got even worse.

    My conlusion – it is relatively safe if they x-ray exposed films. However, you have to be extremely careful with unexposed films.

  3. Beautiful shot Michael. One of the first I’ve seen that gives a real feeling for the size of that crowd. The most sensible sounding x-ray explanation I’ve heard was from a TSA lady in New Orleans who told me that dye-based films aren’t effected unless really high speed, but silver-based emulsions just shouldn’t be put through at all. Chemists chime in.

  4. That is a wonderful image. Every time I see the massive crowds that Obama attracts, it gives me hope for this November.

    X-rays…I was told a while back that the best thing to do, if you cannot get it developed professionally where you are visiting, is just ship your undeveloped film home ala Fedex. I never had to do it. Can someone comment whether FedEx/UPS x-ray their packages?

  5. Wow, a stunning capture. The composition and slope of the arena really give a sense of scale – that crowd is massive! – and the rich blue of the stage with his shadow cutting through really provides a very strong focal point.

    Waxy is right – this would be amazing as a huge poster!

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