Until November…

My updates here will be fewer and further between until the dust clears in November. Atlanta Celebrates Photography (my great day job) is in high gear through the end of October, and I have two shows to print and install in the next two months. Each will be a bit more than a traditional gallery show — with prints, sound, projection(s) and secret sauce.

Friends and like-minded fine art photographers here in Atlanta have gotten together and set-up our own color processing lab (I know, right?) and I spent most of the weekend getting acquainted with the Kreonite beast, through which I’ve been making archival, analog C-prints for “So Help Me“. I’ll write about analog prints another time — both the why and what for. Color me pixelated.

For previews of my two shows, please see The Jena Project, and again, “So Help Me“. Both are the result of efforts over the past year and half, since moving to the South, and I’m eager to see them up-close, and to be able to share them with folks, in their final (offline) form.

If you’re at the Convention in Denver next week, give a holler, or if you pass through ATL between now and early November, ping me (address up top on the right). At the least, I can recommend a good thing (or 2) to see.

‘Til then…

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