9 thoughts on “Same Same But Different #9”

  1. Same same not only as each other but the same side splitting instant “gag” which I’m sorry to say “street photography” and I hate that phrase seems to have sadly descended into, Winogrand must be spinning in his grave……………….

  2. And this is how Matt Stuart’s picture died for me. It turns out nothing more than a documentation of a funny attempt of ambient marketing done for Harry Winston shops. BTW, what a great idea!

  3. Thank you for the post Michael.

    Thank you for your comments too.
    I took this photo whilst I was having a walk around London with one of my street photography mentors and heroes Joel Meyerowitz.

    When I saw this juxtaposition Joel and I agreed it was “beautiful”, we were both quite excited.

    I took it and was happy to have seen the collision between the soon to be diamond shop in the most expensive street per capita in the world (Bond Street) and the builders that were there working on it.

    In my opinion “Gags” are sometimes a little more than “gags”…

    Street photographs where nothing much is happening are ten to a penny and are quite boring.

    In this day and age when we are so overwhelmed by photography, a photograph must really stand out and be interesting in order to become extraordinary.

    The mundane is mundane.

  4. Hey Matt I really like your work. Hey Michael, I like and have been lurking on the blog for a few weeks now. Hi!

    An image like this is a good example of the daily work that most of us (that take pictures) might end up with and slap up on flickr. It’s good times. No one is being blown away, and no heavily cited masters are spinning in graves. Relax! We’re all just making things and hanging them on the fridge.

  5. Jarek, I know for certain that this was not ambient marketing.
    I had to ask Harry Winston for permission to use my image as a personal postcard, they were oblivious of the conjunction.

  6. If you were carrying out marketing for an aspirational product and a shop populated by the mega-rich, I’m not sure you would use a skip as part of your campaign!

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