Blurb Photobook Contest

In the “judging a book by its cover” department, I’d be willing to bet that one of these 30 titles will win $20,000 in the Blurb Photobook Contest. I picked less than 1 out 50 entries for this sample. (And if your entry isn’t listed below, it’s because I overlooked its awesomeness, naturally.)

Human Nature – M. Alexis Pike

Johnston – Ed Panar

Watershed… – Jeff Rich

3Situations – Bill Sullivan

Can’tGetThereFromHere – Tod Fisher

Something is Happening – John Lehr

After the Fall – Hin Chua

The Conventioneers – Yvette Marie Dostatni

“Happy is he who calls himself a Turk” – George Georgiou

Racing Seen – Martin Amis

Big Rock Candy Mountain – Tammy Mercure

Here It Is – Bryan Lear

Underground – David Solomons

Sakai-San – Omm Photography

Ditch Plains – Joni Sternbach

Winterground – Thatcher Hullerman Cook

Bound – Dennis Dufer

A Room with a View – Andew Heatherington

Wanderings – Lung Liu

Outskirts of Awesome – Michael Burnett

Golden Meadows – Jackson Patterson

Poured in Place… – Douglas Hill

Photography, Fantasy… – Isidro Ramirez

Gangland – gangbook

Traces – David Goldes

Times Sq. Gym – Mike Peters

Untitled – Uri Korn

Cue the Strings – Farhad J Parsa

Analogue – Dana Miller

May My Effort Not Be In Vain – Christina Page

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