Oobject.com Kills Boring Typological Photography

oobject.com is fantastic because it’s a photography site that doesn’t know it’s a photography site, in that it obsessively categorizes pictures of all kinds of “objects” (like the gun cameras & general stores, below) and then, wait… wait for it… folks vote on them.

I generally don’t trust the “wisdom of crowds”, but oobject has a good thing going. Here are a few that seem both categorically and photographically interesting: Worst General Lee, Control Rooms of All Types, 9 Walls of Death.

Soon (if not already), curators, gallerists, and photo festivals will come to the realization that curating via the Interweb isn’t just stupid easy, it’s a plethora of riches. The best part is how a site like oobject is beating all of them to the punch.



Somewhat related: I cannot for the life of me find an online curation project that was done by an artist/photographer, and included some incredible stuff — I hope someone’s seen it and knows what I’m talking about and can leave a suggestion in the comments. It seemed to be the result of google image surfing, and it wasn’t Mr. Tiny Vices. I think some of the links were hand-drawn images, but that’s about all I can recall…

Thanks, Paperspray!

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