Papageorge on Sports, the Economy, & Eliot/Auden/Frost/Yeats

There’s been no better palate cleanser for Papageorge on Sports, the Economy, Eliot & Frost me in recent months for all those photographs about nothing than Tod Papageorge’s latest two books, Passing Through Eden, and American Sports, 1970: Or How We Spent the War in Vietnam, and here, in an interview for The Nation (which, as of today, no longer password-protects its full content) Papageorge discusses his photographic whys, hows, and what the heck for.

“But with the success of the galleries, the defining energy became that provided by money. And so what do you see now when you go to a gallery that’s selling photography? You see big, huge color prints, most of which really aren’t about very much. They’re illustrations.”

Also seen here, yesterday.

Thanks, Tod!

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  1. Looks like they may have changed their minds. Sure would like to read it, but not enough to subscribe.

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