NYPH08 Wrap-up on Foto8 and Bruce Gilden Video

I’m back home and foto8 has published my wrap-up of the weekend. I prefer Olivier’s.

On Friday, Jörg, Robert, Andrew and I were talking over pints about criticism. My feeling is that the best thing about these ‘blogs about photography’ is their ability to promote, of course, but it’s also their greatest weakness. All that backscratching can quickly tilt from importance to irrelevance. In other words, congratulatory echo-chambers are easily dismissed, and I hope some of us can rise above, to keep creating original content that matters. It’s good to see both Jörg and Robert facing this direction, in their recaps.

Great to meet all of you, and cheers again to those who could make it to Tom & Jerry’s on Saturday night. Hearing the birds chirp at 6am on the way uptown was a perfect closure…

If you’re looking for a recap of the train-wreck that was Charlie LeDuff interviewing Robert Frank, WNYC has it over here. It’s sufficiently cringeworthy, even without LeDuff’s physical antics. In my foto8 piece, I link to LeDuff’s “interview” of Marilyn Conyers , in which he asks her, “If you were a nut, what kind of nut would you be?” It’s curious that the organizers of the Lincoln Center event felt LeDuff was a good match for the evening. Update: Frank chose LeDuff to interview him.

Here’s the WNYC audio:

In other news, Cary points me to this other WNYC project, which is a NYC street photography competition called “Street Shots Challenge“, which includes this wonderful Bruce Gilden video.


13 thoughts on “NYPH08 Wrap-up on Foto8 and Bruce Gilden Video”

  1. Man. You see Gilden’s work and it’s obvious that this is how it’s done, but you just figure there’s got to be some trick to it, and he can’t really just be shoving a camera and flash into peoples’ faces. But sure enough he is.

  2. I didn’t think CL was too horrible, maybe a little obnoxious there at the beginning. Wish I could have been there. I really like the part where Frank is talking about his love of New York saying “the city made me what I am.”

  3. The NYPH was a blast and I’m excited to hear that they already have plans for next year. Hopefully next time I can meet you guys for the “bloggers social” (I am only just discovering this blog)….

    I wonder how often Bruce Gilden gets beat up with that approach. Perhaps people are too shocked to really react.

  4. What’s the point? Where is the art? I’ve seen much better street stuff done by unknown photographers.

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