Robert Frank’s Letter to Walker Evans and Two Unrelated Timely Tidbits

I’ve spent some time rewriting “Two Thousand Odd Words on Robert Frank’s The Americans” for print. I’ve always thought the best writers are the best rewriters, which means: I’m happy to be working with an editor. I’ll post again when it’s published. In a small way like “The Americans”, my review won’t be published in print in the United States.

In the meantime, my SF pal Kevin Bjorke has two great documents on that involve Frank’s brief incarceration while making “The Americans” in Arkansas in 1955. See “Robert Frank Arrest Report” and “Robert Frank’s Account of His Arrest“.

As an aside, I had the pleasure to interview Bruce Davidson this weekend in conjunction with my day job and his new exhibition of “Time of Change” in Atlanta. I hope to bring part of it here to 2point8 (as well as a more full report to ACP Now!) before I sneak off to NYC for the Photo Festival and for the Robert Frank event(s) at Lincoln Center.

If you’re in NYC this weekend and want to share a beer, I’m planning a small get together with friends for Saturday night, May 17th. Mail me for info. We did something like this in London last summer, and it was a good bit of fun bringing people together – one of the more memorable nights of last year, from my end. Apparently, I picked a lousy venue in Manhattan, so the location’s currently in play — will update via email.

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