Rogue Script & Songs About Pictures

Wonky behavior on this site in the last five days. Apologies. Someone in Russia uploaded three scripts (three versions of the same script) via a WordPress security hole and wrecked a little havoc.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to while issuing mysql commands and upgrading:

Songs About Pictures, on

12 songs, 41:30 minutes

Flatt & Scruggs – A Picture Of Bonnie
Cure – Pictures Of You
Elliott Smith – Pictures Of Me
Mojave 3 – Pictures
Richard Buckner – ‘Lil Wallet Picture
Jets To Brazil – Empty Picture Frame
Willie Nelson – Picture In A Frame
Tex Ritter – I’ll Just Kiss Your Picture Goodnight
Jim Croce – Photographs and Memories
Death Cab For Cutie – Pictures In An Exhibition
Kool Keith – Profesional Photographer
The Jerky Boys – Sol’s Naked Photo

5 thoughts on “Rogue Script & Songs About Pictures”

  1. Picture book – The Kinks
    People take pictures of each other – The Kinks

    Big fan of that Richard Buckner song. Guilty secret fan of the Croce 🙂

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