The Future is Alor

In a timely confluence, Mark Alor Powell released a new site of his work today, at the same time a post on Rob Haggart’s blog called for “a more perfect union” of photographers with their digital future(s). Mark’s site does exactly what Haggart’s post was asking for – offers large-sized content, watermark-free, while embracing Mark’s large and spirited fanbase on flickr.

Mark’s smarts were to realize that digital technology enabled him to grow as a photographer, both as a shooter, and as a way to distribute and promote his own work, and why not completely embrace that fact in how he presents himself to both clients and the world?

While the site is associative and doesn’t rely on traditional navigation, it’s immediately clear that it’s way different from the sterile portfolio sites of most photographers, which mimic the sterile walls of most galleries. Mark’s work leaps off the screen (when it loads); he’s the only photographer I know who can shoot straight documentary, low-rez digital, and have it pass for haute couture.


Haggart’s future of photography will not be found in the hushed walls of the gallery, or in the download-disabled watermarked-protected sites of copyright-scared photographers. The future’s already out there, in cheaply printed print-on-demand books, in small collaborative global-web-ventures, in xerox copies taped to lightpoles, affordably editioned prints, and in sites like Mark Alor Powell‘s.

Check out a review of Mark’s book V.I.P. on 2point8, and a conversation we had ages ago.

3 thoughts on “The Future is Alor”

  1. Mark’s site looks great! I’m glad I upgraded to a 23″ monitor.
    On flickr I was always wishing the images would be larger,
    and now my failing eyes are able to savor his work.
    Maybe you can find out who designed his site if he didn’t,
    cause I’ve been needing a new website since day one…

  2. timely confluence indeed….kudos to Mark for embracing the internet they way he has. he’s on the forefront…that’s for sure…

  3. Pretty damn cool but you are right on with the (when it loads) comment. Of course, I’m trying to view it while likely 1/2 of the company I work for is streaming live NCAA tournament games…

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