Mermelstein’s Street Illustrations in New WIRED

Interesting to see a few Jeff Mermelstein street photos with photoshopped tickers & billboards in the background in the new “FREE” issue of WIRED.

I’m not one to talk, but it’s also interesting that WIRED uses html code to resize images (which creates poorly rendered images) rather than resizing in pshop and using accurate height&width code.


All photo illustrations &#169 Jeff Mermelstein

3 thoughts on “Mermelstein’s Street Illustrations in New WIRED”

  1. No, its not just you….well done for stepping up and say something! I thought his show in New York back in 2006, was quite impressive but I just don’t see anything in those, at least not individually.

  2. I’ve a lot of respect for Mermelstein’s work, and have often found it inspiring; but there is nothing at all in these. They are as boring and empty as he must have felt when he took them. Perhaps that is the point, but if so, it is not enough.

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