Finke’s Flight Attendants

If you’re interested in documentary photography, and are curious about how it can be extended in a more artistic direction (through close, sustained involvement and project focus) check out Brian Finke. I fall into a category of people who admire his work a great deal; the Spring Break book is phenomenal, the Cheerleading book is great, and this new flight attendant book looks good, too.
© Brian Finke

He has a show opening at ClampArt in NYC later this month. Wired Magazine has a selection of the flight attendant pictures and a brief Q & A. Some of the comments, as such, are par for the internet course:

“uhh…is this person related to the reporter? these are some rather mundane images. heavy on the strobe, light on the composition.”

4 thoughts on “Finke’s Flight Attendants”

  1. “Truly uninspired work. Wired: how far you have fallen to publish this. Such tripe. Composition is weak, contrast is non-existent and the subject matter is dull.”

    Maaan, I might not like things so picture perfect, and it might be a bit heavy on flash, but that comment just stunned me…

  2. I’ve actually noticed this before: Despite the fact that Wired publicizes some pretty good photo work, their commenters are always terrible. Most of their comments are variations on the uncapitalized “i don’t know photography but this werk sux.”

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