More Press Photography from the Primaries that Doesn’t Lack

Thanks for the pings about “Why Press Photography of the Presidential Primaries Lacks, as a List“. In Columbia, JL tipped me off to Chris Anderson’s unbelievable take on Huckabee (below), and Cary pushed me to check out all of Anderson’s New Hampshire work.

© Chris Anderson, Magnum Photos

Ian sent me a link to Bill Pearce talking about Arthur Grace’s “Choose Me“, from the ’88 campaign trail. I like Grace’s squares a lot. Copies of the book can be found for a few bucks on alibris, or via the author.

© Arthur Grace, from “Choose Me

8 thoughts on “More Press Photography from the Primaries that Doesn’t Lack”

  1. I think that Huckabee picture is a great moment, but a horrible picture. So much of street photography treads that thin line between “art” and “snapshots” and this picture, to me, falls squarely into the snapshot catagory.

  2. Well, if art can’t accept that Anderson shot I rather give up with art, mate. I just find it a bit too strong and explicit, but yes, he has more and more work that catches my eye.

    Talking about art, am I the only one bored with medium/large format photographers that have perfect straight compositions that all look as if shot by the same guy?

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