Robbed & Ransacked (Part 2)

(Please read Part 1 for a complete list of stolen gear.)

The thief/thieves ROBBED (part 2) returned Tuesday and busted into three more apartments in our building. We’re in a bad movie over here. The monsters are picking locks in broad daylight and busting windows and tromping through people’s places and taking what they can. They didn’t get into our place again, thankfully, but we’re on watch. When I called 911 on Monday, it took the Atlanta Police Department a full hour to respond to the call. We live a stone’s throw from a central cop station, but aren’t “in that zone”, so we get slack.

There’s good news in all of this, which is unexpected. The outpouring of support from the global photocommunity has been substantial. I want to thank all of you for your phone calls, emails, and comments here on 2point8, and there. I’ve had many offers for loaned gear, and I’ll be able to work in the short-term and photograph the campaign(s) in South Carolina. I rented a flash yesterday and was able to shoot an Obama event last night. Need to keep moving forward!

I’m considering putting together a print sale, to help recover a bit of $$, but it might take awhile to organize. Must focus on staying safe right now, and hopefully moving out of this place.

Thanks to all of you for reaching out. You’ve helped me deal with (and express) the grief all of this has caused. I’ve been most surprised by those of you I don’t know, and have never met, who’ve reached through the interweb to offer $$ or cameras or anything to help see me through. You’re all tremendous, and A and I both thank you for your kindness and generosity.

A few quick things. I’ve been trying to get back to each of you, individually:

* I’m getting resistance from my insurance, for a variety of __ reasons. I’ll continue to hound them and pressure them into covering what’s covered, but my initial call(s) with them yesterday were a letdown.

* A loaner for my Mamiya 7 is on the way (thanks, Sari!) and I have access to an M6 here in Atlanta (thanks, Bill!).

* A few of you have wondered if my blogs, and particularly my recent work in Jena or on “Jim Crow Road” might have given criminals a reason to target me. I don’t think this is the case.

* I’m still digging-up serial #s and more identifying info on my missing gear. Please photograph all the serials on your gear right now. Stop reading this right now and go do it. Now!

Two quick career links:

* On Tuesday, Derek Powazek posted a story I wrote (with photographs) about Jena, called “Busted in Jena“. The story will appear in the first issue of Derek’s forthcoming magazine venture, Fray.

* If you’re in Atlanta and want to learn more about street photography, I’ll be teaching a 2-hour power-packed distillation of history, techniques, and “Ways of Working” here on February 23rd. More info, here.

12 thoughts on “Robbed & Ransacked (Part 2)”

  1. So glad to hear you’re able to find some gear! Good luck with the insurance, just keep giving it to them – they will give in eventually/

  2. I just read about Filemaker’s new consumer software for Macs called Bento. One of the examples it gave for using the software was to inventory your home’s contents. This would be a great way to document serial numbers and items. Your situation has solidified my resolve to archive all my hardware, both computer and photographic.

    Again, I send my heartfelt sympathies to you and hope that you let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

  3. I have a google documents spreadsheet with a complete list of all my gear/serials. That way I can access it anytime, anywhere. Because I am extra neurotic, I also emailed a copy of the spreadsheet to myself, so it lives in my online email archive.

    Glad to hear you are back on track with the loaner gear. And cheers to everyone that had rallied behind you. In the end, this will work out ok.

  4. I wish the insurance folks weren’t being a*holes (or perhaps borderline a*holes) but I have to admit a strange sense of relief that you weren’t targeted.

    Fyi, I still wave from across the either when I run across a file you’ve touched. This place just isn’t the same withour our crew.

  5. so so so sorry to hear about this, michael! i’ll keep a lookout for any gear i might come across the Internets… and i definitely want in on the print sale.

  6. glad you guys are ok at least! that’s quite the rampage, i’d be worried how these robbers would act if someone was home during a theft. so, grateful that you are alright.

    here’s to recovery of your cameras, the outpouring of local camera love in your favor, and many opportune snapshots in your future.

  7. What a spirit-killer. But don’t let it kill your spirit. You’re too valuable a member of the photo community … and beyond. Be persistent with your insurer. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m increasingly convinced that for many insurers it’s corporate strategy to deny first, and pay out only under pressure.

  8. Our house was robbed on 12/19/08, and the thieves took all of our camera equipment too. We live in a rural area of South Georgia. We had a Canon 5d and 1d Mark III, several lenses, flashes… etc…. Home insurance didn’t cover it because it was business equipment. Thief was never caught.. to make matters worse, we got robbed AGAIN on 3/26/09 — everything of any value was looked up tight…. plus our alarm system went off this time…. so he was only inside for 2 mins… we replaced our digital cameras with security cameras, so guy was caught on tape!! Police haven’t caught him yet, but he was on local news. Here is link:

  9. Our house was robbed a couple of days ago. they went through the house and took tv’s and all of the presents from under the christmas tree. then they found the key to our garage and loaded up two of our dirtbikes in the back of OUR ford ranger and drove off with our truck too. they took the most prized possession i had which was a toolbox that my grandpa gave me three days before for christmas. im determined to find them.

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