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Robbed & Ransacked

Our apartment was robbed today and my cameras, lenses, strobes & cables were stolen. Other things were taken as well, but I wanted folks to know there is stolen camera equipment out there (in Atlanta, and/or points beyond) that is irreplaceable. Please keep your eyes & ears out. I’ll update this post with serials, conditions, and more info when I recover them from my files.

Our place is trashed. My cameras are gone. My livelihood (and plans to cover the presidential race for the next three weeks in South Carolina) has hit a big set-back. My America, indeed.


Here’s a list of what’s currently missing on the camera front, serials forthcoming:

Leica M4P Body (heavy, distinctive wear, missing 40% of leatherette, taped-up lightleaks, 1984, Canada. Serial begins: 164—)
Leica Summaron 35mm lens, 2.8 (1960s)
Leica SF20 Flash
Mamiya 7II Body
Mamiya 80mm lens for 7II
Canon 20D Body (heavy wear, black tape & residue) Serial #0520331944
Canon 28mm fixed 2.8 lens
Canon 50mm fixed 1.4 lens
Canon 17-85 IS Zoom lens
Canon 580EX Flash
Vivitar Flash
Canon S50 Digicamera (w/ 4gb Kingston Compact Flash Card) Serial #2829189919
Canon off-camera flash cord
Off-camera flash bracket
Olympus XA point-and-shoot (broken shutter, totally inoperable)
2 Voice recorders I was preparing to sell/giveaway. Sony & Olympus.

Most of this gear can be seen here:

We have some insurance. I’ll update this post with word(s) about that as I know more. I’ve traveled around the world with this gear, worked hard to acquire and maintain it all, and as things go, it’s all pretty meaningful to me. It’s just “stuff”, but still…

(There’s an update to this post: Part 2.)

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