Hiromi Tsuchida @ Michael Dawson in LA

This picture by Hiromi Tsuchida, in the latest issue of Photograph Magazine (which has an tremendous listing of openings in NYC this winter), has sent me for a little loop.


It’s akin to these two from last week, in that it’s a Peopled Landscape, but I’m feeling it more than most of the Vitali’s I’ve seen. The landscape itself is intriguing, as are the people, but the combination of the two yields an otherworldliness.

Peopled Landscapes are a trope, I suppose, but Tsuchida’s two projects “Counting Grains of Sand” and “New Counting Grains of Sand” are more varied in their execution (and expression) than Vitali’s beach scenes.




Raul beat me to mentioning Tsuchida, but there’s a show at Michael Dawson Gallery in Los Angeles that opens on the 25th.

Tsuchida’s site is tough to navigate. There are twenty images from “New Counting Grains of Sand“. If the pages don’t load, try using sequential numbering for the jpgs themselves.

All pics above © Hiromi Tsuchida.

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