I’ll Leave the Light On

Thanks for visiting 2point8 in 2007, ya’ll. You’ve been one of the nearly 8 million (!) page views within the whileseated universe this year, which led to my very own sweatshirt this Xmas.


I’m not sure how everything will proceed here; I’ve enjoyed the discussions, reviews, and your email tip-offs to everything under the sun.

I’m hoping to continue in some form in 2008. If posts are slow, there’s tons of great content out there (links in the footer), and there’s always
Shorpy. This one, from John Vachon. Be good, folks.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Leave the Light On”

  1. Anne Vachon was John’s daughter and the mother of a girl I was in love with in ’76…I lived with them for a year and didn’t know that one day I’d love his photos almost as much as his granddaughter…

    Good luck in 2008!

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