New Projects Include Tilt-Swing Oprah

I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff this fall. Some of it’s been successful, some not, but it’s always fun to try new things, a la Jena. One of the best things has been discovering the ins-and-outs of shooting with a big camera (never oil a stuck shutter, use lighter fluid!).

At any rate, here’s tilt-swing Oprah (a first-time phrase for the Web) last weekend, in South Carolina. Turned a few pics and some audio into a vid as well, below.


8 thoughts on “New Projects Include Tilt-Swing Oprah”

  1. i like it. nice landscape, composition & moment – i’m sure oprah would love to buy a 10×8 foot for Harpo Enterprises HQ. david burnette doesn’t own the large format tilt/shift (as opposed to the photoshop action – am i the only one that thinks there ps actions are a load of hooey?), he simply uses it well.

  2. Why “tilt-shift”? You’re using tilts and swings to throw the focal plane wonky. I had a friend tell me it’s because you then had to move the focal plane up and down to get it where you want, but that would be “tilt-rise/fall” as shifts are left-right. Hell, David Burnett’s speed graphic doesn’t even have shift. From someone who has been shooting large format for a couple of years, the buzz word is rather irritating.

    I do like the shot though, though some of the most interesting tilt-swing work I have seen lately has been of large stadiums and one video utilizing it while shooting from a helicopter flying around Las Vegas.

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