Kodak Slashes Film(s)

Kodak Discontinues Film(s) Including Plus-X 120

Updated: Plus-X 120 (as a single roll, ordered from Kodak) is gone. The entire family of 400X Ektachrome is gone. Time to load-up on single rolls of 160NC&VC + 400NC&VC, too, if you’re not a fan of pro-packs. Hope they don’t get rid of those in bulk 35mm rolls, but they probably already have!

Fine print says: “These film families have NOT been discontinued and continue to remain available”. Which is true, except for 400X Ektachrome.

Byebye non Pro-Pack rolls:

12 thoughts on “Kodak Slashes Film(s)”

  1. Kodak South Africa just suck. they refuse to take any orders less than 1000 dollars and don’t even acknowledge the order when you do.

    It makes me laugh though, they spent how much advertising how many pro’s still use film, especially the portra range and then do this

  2. Not surprising really. I’d think that the photographers they are marketing the new Portra too would buy it in packs rather than single rolls anyway. If removing packaging options means the film stays around longer, then I’m ok with the changes. Still disappointing though.

  3. Does this mean that when I go to Adorama and order twenty or thirty rolls of 35Portra VC, I won’t be able to? I own & use numerous film cameras, is it time to go digital? I love my film gear.

  4. Guys, just read the thing carefully: Portra is not gone, it’s just that certain packagings will not be used anymore.

    If you’ve ever been to a pro store, you will notice that they sell 120 or 135 film by the unit directly out of the propacks. You can still buy single rolls, but they won’t come in that useless cardboard box.

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