Panar’s Golden Palms Release Party

2point8 pal Ed Panar is having a release party for Golden Palms this Friday, at ICP in NYC. In fact, it’s a Fulford free-for-all, with J&L releases for Stuff I Gotta Remember Not To Forget by Darin Mickey, and 72 Girls and Some Boys Who Could Be Models, by Anne Daems.

If you haven’t seen Golden Palms, it’s worth more than a looksee. It’s fairly unpeopled, but the conceit (the photographer, carless in Los Angeles) yields some pretty great pictures, in an inviting presentation. It’s what street photography might look like in a place owned by the automobile, air-conditioning, and strip malls. Kinda like Atlanta! (Plus, a great intro from Charlotte Cotton.)

As a contributor to Paper Placemats (ATL), I’m biased, but I really like what Jason’s been up to lately, and the DVD doesn’t disappoint. I’m not exactly sure which artist is responsible for the airborne interstitials; they remind me of this gootube classic, but classier.


JandL Book Party:
Friday, November 30th
from 6 to 7:30pm
International Center of Photography
1133 Sixth Avenue (@ 43rd), NYC

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