Henri Cartier Bresson: Ballerina & Genius of Photography

The best show on television that’s not available in the United States stepped it up (literally) in Episode 3, touching on Henri Cartier Bresson and the genesis of the art of street photography. Best was the vintage footage of HCB photographing a couple on the street, while demonstrating this little leg kick, timed to the click of his shutter.

Fantastic. Too great to not make an animated gif.


13 thoughts on “Henri Cartier Bresson: Ballerina & Genius of Photography”

  1. At least when he does that move, he looks like a stork.
    (not a dork) A friend of mine saw me trying that at night
    and laughed so hard that he had to wipe away tears…

  2. Yeah, that was really surprising, and a treat. It’s interesting to me how attention often hits both ends of the spectrum; the famous and the anonymous. It’s great to see it hit someone in the middle – an unsung soldier, trudging along, doing the work.

  3. Episode 4 is a cracker….I just wish we could see all the extra footage that must have been shot…more of Meyerowitz/Shore/Sternfeld, more of the surreal Parr/Gossage encounter and more of the priceless Eggleston press conference.

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