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Genius of Photography & Rephotographing

It’s tough not to get excited about a television show that begins like this:

“This is Meudon, a quiet Paris suburb, apart from the rumble of the occasional high speed train. In 1928, at roughly the mid-point between the invention of photography and our own digital age, Andre Kertesz, one of the great photographers of the 20th century, came here, and took some pictures. The photographs he took that day are as unremarkable as Meudon itself. But something about the place must have caught his eye, because a few days later, he came back, and turned the ordinary into something extraordinary.”



For those of you who don’t live in the UK, a 2point8 tipster points us to the torrents. Thank you, BBC4. (Wish I lived in a country where the government subsidized programs like this.)

It’d be interesting to do a comprehensive post about projects & books that address rephotographing. I’m not sure about the artistic merits of it all (it ain’t original!), but I get a real kick out of looking at the details of how things change — like with these Shore echoes from El Paso, last year:

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