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Stephen Gill’s “Hackney Flowers”

This isn’t a proper review, but I’m pretty entranced by Stephen Gill’s collaged creations of East London & the Hackney Wick neighborhood in his new book, “Hackney Flowers“.

It’s rare to see photographs that feel this new, especially when they have one foot on the street, as Gill’s do. Most of the book is dedicated to photographs on which Gill has arranged collages of flowers & seeds from the Hackney area. These rephotographed scenes are interspersed with smaller, street portraits of Hackney residents that are taken with a lo-fi camera.

The book’s available in an edition of 3500, or in a smaller, more exclusive edition with a C-print. Gill’s site is pretty extensive. Check out the conceptual “back of the billboard” series here.

Both photos by Stephen Gill, from Hackney Flowers (detail)


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