Alec Soth in Atlanta

Last week, in a surprising convergence of personal and professional (and with the help of a nimble crew from SCAD) I was able to ask Alec Soth a few questions about his work on camera, before his lecture for ACP at the High Museum.

Over a year ago, Alec was kind enough to field a few for 2point8, and it was fun to hit a few more grounders his way. Interviewing via email or phone is one thing, on camera is another beast, entirely. At least Alec’s a pro!


Alec’s lecture, which covered his early paintings, his three books, and even some recent work commissioned by the High Museum, was extremely popular, and apparently sixty people were turned away at the door, due to fire restrictions. (There’s a worthwhile write-up on I’m in the process of building a blog for ACP where we’ll feature future collaborations with the SCAD crew, and possibly even some audio from Alec’s lecture, for those of you who missed it. Please stay tuned.

Kudos again to, who came through with an HD camera and a tripod (not to mention production values!) on the day my tripod gave-up the ghost.

7 thoughts on “Alec Soth in Atlanta”

  1. “Did you hear that knuckle crack?” Michael, you’ve got a real knack for these interviews. This was funny, insightful, very well done. Keep up the great work as usual.

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