BBC Genius of Photography

I’d be interested in seeing this BBC Genius of Photography series which has just debuted. Holler if any of you see torrents available:

Lots of the segments look promising. I’m always eager to learn more about Tony Ray Jones & Richard Billingham.

In other news, I’ll read a crotchety, opinionated blogger any day, especially in the photoblog realm. Why is everyone so timid about being critical? Parr’s “Mexico” sadly underdelivered, but it’s also tough to knock the guy who gave us two volumes on the History of the Photobook (or “Last Resort”, which still amazes). You always want your favorites to keep it rolling in the big chainring, even when they’ve earned the right to coast all the way home.

10 thoughts on “BBC Genius of Photography”

  1. Oh, I’ll keep my eyes open for this one. It’s a pity that I don’t have a tv and I’ll have to squat somebody else’s. But anyhow, the Cappa one and some of the later ones look promising. (Finally understand what Shore is all about?)

  2. actually I was under the impression that everyone is on each other cases when it comes to photography..
    we’re all great experts in pressing the shutter button and we’ve gotta let the world know and bow.

  3. I have to admit that I can’t remember the last time I learned anything from anyone telling me they love what I did. I’ll take ten intelligent, well thought out and eloquent critical thoughts before any fawning salutes.
    Criticism, as long as it is not mean to be purposely vicious or mean, is a far more important and greater gift than a kiss on the cheek. I learn more from “good” critics than from obsequious groupies. Problem is, criticism does close deals.

  4. The site UKNova is capping the whole series starting tonight. Not sure if they will allow to release it outside their website.

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