Two Lectures on the Jena 6

I’ve just returned from Louisiana, and thought I’d post first word about two events I’ll be doing in early November. One in Baltimore and another in Atlanta.

I’ll be doing a presentation about the Jena Six, citizen journalism, and the role technology is playing in mass media (as seen through the Jena Six story). Details below:

We Want Full Justice, Jena Six Rally
“We Want Full Justice” © Michael David Murphy

Jena Six: A Photo Story
Friday, November 2nd, 7pm
Showcase School of Photography
1135 Sheridan Road
Atlanta, GA
Listing on
Wednesday, November 7th, 12:30
Part of “Bias, Prejudice, and Hate- Free Campus Week”
Community College of Baltimore County (web)
Essex Campus
Baltimore, MD

As background, I made two trips to Jena this summer, well before the story exploded into what it’s become. I posted pictures, write-ups, and a video which can all be found on In recent articles, “black blogs” and networked college students have been cited as primary reasons as to why the story has attracted so much attention. I’m glad was able to play an early role in getting the Jena 6 story the attention it deserves.

5 thoughts on “Two Lectures on the Jena 6”

  1. MDM — you are how I first heard of the Jena Six and for a long time, you were the only person I heard talking about this story. Good job — keep the truth alive and out there for all to see.

  2. Yeah, you inspire! Giving us a reminder that photography is an organic creature riding along with us in our life’s passions and struggles.

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