Garza on Winogrand

Garry Winogrand by O.C. Garza O.C. Garza writes about
his experience as a student of Garry Winogrand’s at UT Austin in the 70s. The pdf is called “Class Time with Garry Winogrand“. Here’s a bit:

“When you are twenty years old and the photography instructor begins lecturing on form versus content, or that a photograph cannot tell a story, or that there are no rules of composition, or that things are changed when you photograph them, or that a photographic print is an interpretation of the world by a camera, or that he didn’t develop his film for months or years after he shot it; things can get philosophical and confusing pretty quickly.”

The pdf includes other remembrances, specifically how Winogrand used to develop his TRI-X halfway and then check it, under safelights, to see how it was coming along. And then there’s the tidbit about whether or not Winogrand’s stereo ran a Dynaco or Macintosh pre-amp.

Picture of Garry Winogrand by O.C. Garza

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  1. thanks for sharing, once again. i’m getting to know so much from reading your blog, keep it up. any ideas when the new version will be released?

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