Atlanta Celebrates Photography (9)

Good news. acp_logo2 (by whileseated) I’ve accepted a position as Program Manager for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, a non-profit organization dedicated to a citywide, monthlong photography festival here in October. This year will be my first October in Atlanta, and there’s an exciting range of great photographic activities planned.

To stay abreast of ACP9 (if you’re in the area), there’s a Google Calendar of ACP Programs (a subscribeable .ics file for you tech-heads), and there’s even a map of current locations for this year’s extraordinary Public Art Project, “Paper Placemats (ATL)” curated by Jason Fulford. Most of the ACP programs are on Upcoming, as well. The Festival Guide has soft-launched and is now online; sign-up for updates if you want to know more.

There’s a lot to look forward to, and a lot of work ahead, but my goals are aligned with ACP’s in that we’re focussed on continuing to establish Atlanta as a city that’s known for photography. When I was considering moving here, I came across Meyerowitz’s photos of the city, as well as Harry Callahan’s street work, and was excited to discover visual proof that Atlanta was a place where dynamic photographs could be made. As a photographer, I’m pleased as sweet tea that I moved here and found an organization that’s dedicated to developing the local photography community, and extending its reach, both nationally and internationally.

If you live in the South and have plans to attend any of the events or lectures (Sam Taylor-Wood, Alec Soth, Sheila Pree Bright, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons) be sure to track me down so we can meet and say hello.

(Full disclosure, I had an image selected for ACP’s public art project well before applying for my current position.)

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