Toronto Star Uses Street Photography to Report on a Trial

After my foray into using a still camera to create a multimedia presentation and tell a very specific story, my eyes (and ears!) are keen for other great examples. The New York Times is all over this (more on this later), as is the Washington Post, MediaStorm, and to a lesser extent, Magnum in Motion, which has great content, but is a little slow on the updates.

Cary sent over this interesting example from the Toronto Star. It’s a combination of black-and-white street photography from Lucas Oleniuk, moody music, a voiceover, and pictures of key players in the trial of Conrad Black in Chicago. It’s professional, tells the story, and delivers it in a way that engages both eye and mind.

If there was a channel on television that played content like this (or like any of these other photostory outlets), I’d probably turn on the TV every once in awhile. If I were in the broadcast side of the content creation business, I’d create a start-up that develops, sources, and sells this kind of programming, both online and off. Actually, I think that’s exactly what Mediastorm is trying to do.

ishot-4 (by whileseated)

In other news, I appreciate all the emails about 2point8 version 2.8. I’m still plotting and organizing and considering options. This site, as we know it, will definitely be morphing into something new – I’m just not sure when that’s going to happen. And if you got in touch and haven’t heard from me yet, you will, soon. Thanks, friends.

One thought on “Toronto Star Uses Street Photography to Report on a Trial”

  1. Wow… what a fantastic way to tell the story. I have been following the Conrad Black trial with considerable interest, but this has managed to get my attention over and above the cold, hard, facts of the case.

    Kudos to the photographer, the writer, whoever edited the piece and to the editor that approved the entire risky endeavour.

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