Sultan Does Landis, Matter of Factly

Can’t think of a better photographer to address the strange psychological purgatory where accused-doper Floyd Landis lives; that cinched space between personally right and publicly wrong, and all of that in sunny Southern California.

There’s nothing street about these images (save for the whirling dogs by Landis’ wife); Sultan accomplishes so much with stillness, he needn’t the flash of motion or slice of a moment to pull you in.

19outcast4-650 (by whileseated)
Larry Sultan, New York Times

19outcast3-650 (by whileseated)
Larry Sultan, New York Times

Two great things about Sultan’s work. First, his collaborative book “Evidence” of found gov’t photos was the first book that showed me how art might be developed through editing and selection, and that great pictures are everywhere, it just depends on who’s looking (both at the moment of capture, and later on, with a new frame of reference, perhaps).

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Larry Sultan and Mike Mandell, Evidence

Plus, when his “Valley” show of photographs from the adult-film industry opened at SFMOMA a few years ago, it was a real home run with my dad, who isn’t really a museum kind of guy. Thanks, Larry!

2 thoughts on “Sultan Does Landis, Matter of Factly”

  1. Real sad story. Probably will never end right for him. The only way he comes up smelling like roses is if he wins again in 2008 and his piss comes up clear.Then everyone will have to shut up…

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