David Hockney on the Camera’s Failings

My ears perked-up when I saw this clip from Robert Hughes’ “The New Shock of the New” in which he visits David Hockney in his studio. Hughes is predictably grumpy about the state of modern art, and justifiably so, I’d say, but he finds four artists who are fighting the good fight and one of them’s Hockney.

Hockney talks about what the camera can’t capture, which reminded me of my other online project: unphotographable.


2 thoughts on “David Hockney on the Camera’s Failings”

  1. Well Well, I was just going to post about Hockney’s observations in his book (Secret Knowledge)
    What is funny is his quote in an email conversation…

    “ps I’ve always thought the best use of photography was for photographing drawings or paintings.

  2. Interesting stuff. I went to the exhibition of his Yorkshire paintings in London. Beautiful, vast, multiple canvases tiled across the wall – I understand he used digital cameras to stitch together an idea of how the final image would turn out. I had no idea he was a ‘straight’ photographer as well.

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