Jeff Mermelstein Video from Media Matters

Apparently the site I squawked about here is down and the site owner isn’t interested in fixing links, so here’s the original (non-Real Audio’d) Jeff Mermelstein video from a few years ago cut-up into three parts.

It’s a worthwhile watch, and the quality’s good, to boot! Thanks for passing this to me, innernets.

Part 1a

Part 1b

Part 2

22 thoughts on “Jeff Mermelstein Video from Media Matters”

  1. Great, great stuff.

    I loved, “I should go to Gaza, but I’d probably get sick, and I’d be scared….we’ve got Zabars here”

  2. It is really fascinating seeing him working on the street. If one thing stood out to me the most it was the line about his “commitment to telling the story.” That says it all.
    Thanks for sharing the clips.

  3. Have you seen him on the streets waving his camera? Disturbing, harassing people and not even have the courtesy or respect to thank or smile at the people he just shot? This approach simply is disgraceful.

  4. Thank you for this.. It was a good watch.

    I look forward to the photo-magazine you’re proposing to make, although i think i’d definitely miss the good simplicity that only a blog like this has.

  5. my favorite part is the little shrug/smile he gives people after the fact. as if to say, “i had to do it, you were so damned interesting just then!” genius. the most inspiring thing i’ve seen on the interweb in forever.

  6. He sounds like John C. Reilly. Good to watch, interesting stuff. Gonna have to try his aggressive style of taking photos sometime.

  7. Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t seen the whole piece before. I like how he gets honked at by the white truck when crossing the street near end of the first clip. And I love the phrase he uses regarding editing, “enticing a courtship with a picture.” I almost got the sense he’s just burning through frames so that this videographer can get footage of him in action. I counted approximately 24 times he takes a picture.

  8. I was out of town when you posted this & it seems totally missed the boat on both the original vid & the 3-part You-Tube version. MDM – is there any place online where it’s still viewable? When I clicked on the above links, it says “We’re sorry this video is no longer available.”

  9. I only have one question, how on earth does he expose his film right in this kind of tempo ? HOW ???
    he takes a basic measure and goes off from there or what ?

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. JA, no I have not seen him in the streets waving his camera. And no I don’t think his approach is disgraceful. Lighten up. He’s no Gilden.

    Alexander, there’s no need to adjust the exposure if the light is the same. This is definitely an issue with fussy SLR users that feel the need to meter every shot. In most of the shots I saw the light was pretty consistent. Also consider that adjustments on the lens can almost approach sleight-of-hand. I have the same camera and while I often use its meter to first get in the ballpark and then manually adjust thereafter, I occasionally ignore the meter and try to do it by eye. It’s something meter-less camera users have had to do for decades. Furthermore, consider the huge exposure latitude of color neg film. It can handle great amounts of over- (and under-) exposure. That’s a cushion only film can afford.

    Great set of vids here. Favorited!

  11. “I only have one question, how on earth does he expose his film right in this kind of tempo ? HOW ???
    he takes a basic measure and goes off from there or what ?”

    Mermelstein now uses a Leica M7. He says he just sets it on automatic and shoots. Also, you get a lot more exposure latitude with negative film, as opposed to transparency film.

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